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Custom window treatments


Curtains are an essential accessory in our homes and offices. Curtains have become a style statement and an essential part of home decoration.

Curtains is a reflection of our individual tastes and selecting the right drapes is an integral part of creating a 'wow' factor. Taking the time to select color schemes, thinking about other practicalities such as the need for insulation is all part of process before making the final choice.

Curtains are window coverings that keep away direct sunlight from entering the rooms. It is an energy saver as curtains provide cooling for the room. Curtains provide an ambience in the room. After a long tiring day out and you walk in home, you need to feel the warmth and comfort. You room color scheme aligned with curtains play a major role to provide a soothing effect. 






Most blinds are best used inside the window frame, giving you the option to style with curtains for flair if desired.

Sunscreen blinds block up to 98% UV. A double blind can be added for a complete window treatment – for day sunscreen and night privacy. A very cost effective way to dress windows.

Designed for insulation cellular pleated blinds come in a great range of colours to suit any home and are a modern and stunning look.

And Roman blinds can be made from a fabric of your choice to create a more traditional feel.